As our needs for space grow in an overcrowded world, more and more of us are looking upwards towards our lofts. Loft conversions offer the perfect opportunity to create more inside space without losing any precious outdoor space. Ideas for loft conversions have never been more plentiful and exciting.

No longer just confined to a spare bedroom or dingy home office, the humble loft extension has grown up. Modern ideas for attic conversions are exciting, innovative and are definitely expanding our concepts of ‘space’, ‘home’ and ‘entertainment’. We have 10 of the best loft conversion ideas to make your loft look amazing.

Grab some outdoor space

Many people who are considering ideas for attic conversions focus entirely on the inside space and forget that a loft can also offer opportunities for great inside/outside flow. A Juliette balcony can allow for a unique view out over rooftops but if you have an existing extension you could also consider a roof terrace. What could be better than stepping out of your new loft space into your very own private roof garden?

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Think outside the box

The best loft extension design ideas come from thinking beyond the loft space that you can see in front of you. Whilst a simple Velux conversion will give you some additional space, there are other options. Talk to your construction expert about a Mansard loft conversion (a more aesthetically pleasing version of a dormer conversion) or extending your new loft space over all or part of an existing lower floor extension.

Expose the heart of your home

Great design is honest design and the best loft conversion ideas reveal elements of your home that should be celebrated but are all too often hidden away behind panels and boards. Exposing loft beams is a great way to start, if your loft space is small consider painting some beams white so that you can keep their elegant shape without over darkening the room. You can also make a distinctive feature of your brickwork or even concrete blocks, particularly in a gable end.

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Be bold with your wallpaper

If your beams and brickwork are not suitable for exposure it is still possible to achieve results that will suit your ideas for attic conversions by carefully selecting industrial type wallpapers. Wallpaper is in an exciting phase with effects from wood panelling to concrete and even graffiti. By thinking bold, you will give your loft conversion a flair that others are often lacking.

Embrace technology

If your loft conversion is going to serve as your place to hide away from the world then it makes sense to equip it with the very best that technology has to offer. By building your technological requirements into your loft conversion ideas from the start you will give your designers the opportunity to ensure that cabling and other facilities don’t distract from your enjoyment.

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Consider including a master light switch for the rest of the house so that you don’t have to head back down the stairs if you have left a light on, or maybe a transparent TV that will be there should you require entertainment but melt into the design background when you don’t.

Create a mezzanine space

It is easy to neglect the idea of a loft conversion if the floor-to-ceiling height in the roof space is limited. A mezzanine conversion is a great loft extension design idea if you want to create a room with a combination of double-height space and an additional flexible half-storey.

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Free and easy with an open-plan loft space

Many London houses are blessed with large loft spaces and it can sometimes be a mistake to divide these up. Open-plan loft design can give you an exciting room with multiple uses. Consider a studio flat for guests or a luxury bedroom with integrated bathroom features to make the most of your beautiful space.

Cosy up with a bit of hygge

Hygge, the Scandinavian home characteristic that can be defined by cosiness and relaxation is the perfect loft extension design idea. Roughly translated as ‘well-being’ the hygge concept includes features such as window seats, soft blankets and knitted socks. Embrace the hygge lifestyle in your new loft conversion by adding a comfy chair and candles to your bedroom or inviting friends up to share a snug space.

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Low level roof lights

Traditional loft conversions use a small window to wall ratio to create additional space for wall furnishings. This ratio can leave a loft room feeling confined. If you love the feeling of space around you, one of the best loft conversion ideas is to extend roof lights, windows or even doors down to floor or near floor level. This will allow light to flood your new space and encourage you to enjoy new and surprising views.

Divide and conquer

If you have opted for an open-plan space there may be times when you want to create a little more in terms of privacy or intimacy. Temporary dividers such as screens, moveable panels or curtains can achieve this effectively whilst becoming a design feature in their own right.

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