Ground Floor Extensions All Over London

As well as loft conversions, we also carry out ground floor extensions. A ground floor extension will help support other floors in your home, the upper floor, or even the entire building. We specialise in extensions and we have a lot experience in this area.

What do you want your extension for?

If you want to add a floor extension to your house, then naturally it’s important to think about what the purpose of your extension is. Will it be extra space for the family, commercial use, a self-contained area to be used separately, or as an investment with the sole purpose of adding value to your property? Sit down and think carefully about its purpose before you go ahead.

We can negotiate on your behalf

With our team of experts, we can negotiate for you with the council and keep you informed of the progress. You’ll need to apply for planning permission, and this can often be a long process, sometimes if you’re refused the first time, there are other applications to go through, or there may be objections you have to work through. We can do this on your behalf so you don’t have to.

Planning permission, submission of plans and the work involved

Once planning permission is obtained our designers can tell you what’s required and what is included in our fees. We’ll have to submit plans required for building control and after that we can go ahead.

The price of a ground floor extension will vary because it depends on several different factors, the location of your home, the condition of the ground, the plumbing and electric works, fitting a kitchen or bathroom, and of course the type of extension you want.

At Alba Lofts you’ll get the very best service

Here at Alba Lofts we pride ourselves on our professionalism, our focus on customer satisfaction and our attention to detail. As a team, we all have a wealth of experience in different but relevant areas of the building trade, so we have a lot to bring to the table.

We can create for you the very best in floor extensions, which are safe, sturdy, practical and well built. So why not get in touch and get a no obligation free survey of your home and then we can send you a quote via post or email. You can then make an informed decision on whether to go ahead.

We’re the best at what we do so contact on  01707 859 532 and start thinking about that ground floor extension and how it could radically change your home – for the better.