About Us

Alba Lofts Our Client-Centric Approach.

We are a friendly and professional team of loft and house conversion specialists based in North London. I personally have spent many years studying various facets of building and construction, and it’s turned me into a knowledgeable professional. I now lead a small team of like-minded individuals who all bring their own levels of expertise and knowledge – which makes us a formidable team.

What makes us specialists?

We’re specialists because of a combination of experience and training in both carpentry and the construction industry. This means that we know the business of loft and house conversion inside out. It means we understand the fundamentals of building, the building blocks of construction, and how things work.

A loft or house conversion you really want

What this means for you is that you get a job well done, a conversion that’s safe, practical, functional and aesthetically pleasing. We like to make sure it’s everything you imagined it would be before it was built.

Customer satisfaction is our priority

We truly believe the customer is always right and we place customer satisfaction at the heart of everything we do. We do what we do because we love it, and we can’t wait to wake up each morning and go to work on a client’s home, creating something really special.

A varied career history gives me unique knowledge of the complexities of building

I started out as a carpenter and worked in the construction industry for many years before becoming a luxury kitchen installer for 12 years. I then worked in New York in the United States for 3 years in the kitchen industry.

I started in the loft conversion business 25 years ago, and with the combination of construction, kitchen installation, loft and house conversion, I’ve built up a unique history in the foundations of building. It gives me the advantages needed to go beyond the average to create something really unique, something that’s safe, reliable, and beautifully made.

With Alba Lofts you get something really special, delivered with a personal touch from a friendly and professional team. So don’t wait a moment longer, give Alba Lofts a call today on 01707 859 532 and let’s create that dream conversion you’ve always longed for.

Alba Lofts